Preparing for a Natural Airbrush Appointment

Day of Appointment

In preparing for a natural spray tan, please make sure you are exfoliated and freshly showered.  We have exfoliation mitts and sugar scrubs for purchase via our online store to ensure your skin is properly prepared for your spray an.  We highly encourage you to shave the day before your appointment.  Hair prevents tan from properly developing on the skin.

Make sure your clothes are clean and void of any residue of deodorant, lotion or makeup. DO NOT WEAR TIGHT CLOTHING!


An airbrush technician will escort you to our changing area where you will disrobe to your comfort level.  We provide Vaseline to apply to your lips, a shower cap, body stickers and disposable underwear.

Once you are ready and disrobed, we will have you step into the tent.   The technician will go over the procedure on how to turn and the process of tanning you.


We will need you to wait the allotted period for the bronze to develop.   Once that time has arrived, please take a lukewarm shower.

DO NOT EXFOLIATE OR SHAVE!   Do not use Dove, dial or bar soap!

After your shower, please pat dry with your towel and apply moisturizer.   To maintain the best tan possible, use a moisturizer specifically made for sunless tanning.   We provide one that is inexpensive and can be used for all purposes.