Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions about spray tanning/competition tan are listed below.

Email us at tanning@tanperfekt.com with any other questions/concerns.

What is the cancellation policy for a natural glow?

Please provide 24 hour notice to avoid a $35 cancellation fee. We will be more than happy to reschedule you.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment for competitor tanning?

Cancellation/Refund Policy
NO refunds will be given on deposits.  All tanning, hair and makeup deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. There are no refunds on skin product, jewelry, robes or prep kits purchased. All sales final.

What happens during the tanning session?

You will be given a consent form to read and sign. After that, you will be escorted to the tanning area.  You are given time to disrobe or put on the clothing that you would like to be tanned in. Once you are ready, the TanPerfekt tanning professional will instruct you on movement of your body to ensure the best tanning results.

What do I wear during my tanning session?

Ladies are more than welcome to wear an older swimsuit or lingerie. We no longer allow men to wear anything less then underwear or trunks to tan in for a natural tan.

Athletes/Competitors – It is recommended that females are sprayed nude due to the posing suits worn. For men, we provide alternative coverage to ensure no tan lines. We provide a completely professional environment.

How do I prepare for my competitor tanning session?

You will need to start immediately shaving and exfoliating your entire body on a regular basis. Competition tan works best on bodies that have been properly conditioned. If you are not quite conditioned for the show, we do have a prep spray that we can apply and wipe off prior to tanning you for the show.

Once your deposit has been received and your appointment is confirmed, an in-depth prep guide will be emailed to you. It is imperative that you read this over as soon as received to properly prepare for your appointment.

How do I make/reserve a competitor tanning appointment?

All services require a deposit to hold appointment times.   All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  You will be notified of remaining balances to bring to your appointment.  Any balances paid in full or remaining at time of appointment will incur a $3 convenience fee for PayPal or Credit card fees.

Deposit for tanning is $45.   Deposit for makeup and/or hair services is $25 each.

When making an appointment – Click on the show you are competing in on the Fitness Calendar. A description page will appear and give you a link for the online scheduler. Please make the deposit first for tan, glam or prep skin.   Click on each appointment link to make an appointment for day before the show and day of show.   Your appointments will be confirmed after determining deposit has been made.

How can I maintain my tan longer?

There are several ways to keep your tan lasting longer.  Please ask your tanning professional for more information.

Do I sign a consent form?

Yes, everyone is required to sign a consent form that we will keep on file for you.

Can I use another competitor tanning product while utilizing TanPerfekt tanning services?

No, if you choose to use another competitor tanning product while using our tanning product and services, all services will be void at that point.*** Please note that we do reserve the right to refuse service. ***

Can I bring my spouse/friend or children with me?

We ask that you refrain from bringing anyone not getting spray tanned.   We do not have accommodations in our Shoppe for children or other adults that are not getting tanned.

If you bring small children, we will reschedule your appointment.  We can not have them in the spray tan room due to overspray.

For competition tanning, only staff and competitors with appointments will be allowed in tanning area.   All others must remain outside the room until you are finished.     There is no one available to supervise children, pets or adults.

All Tanning Packages expires within 120 Days of Purchase

This does not apply to unlimited memberships as they are on a monthly rotation.